March 2023

The Tongue

Scripture Ref: James 3;1-12

Show Your Faith by Your Works

Scripture ref: James; 2:14-26


James; 2:1-13

True Religion

Scripture Ref: James;1:26-27

February 2023

Be as Doer of the Word

Scripture Ref: James; 1:21-25

The Anger of Man

Scripture Ref; James: 19-20

God’s Fatherliness & Trials

Scripture Ref: James 1; 16-18

Temptations As A Trial

Todays Message also includes Communion. Scripture Ref: James 1: 13-15

January 2023

Perseverance in Trials

James: 1;12

Humility in Trials

James:1; 9-11

Wisdom in Trials.

James: 1;5-8

October 2022

Heart Work in Prosperity

Deuteronomy 6:10-15

Heart Work in Adversity

Selected Scriptures

Communion/God is Great; You and I are Not Great


September 2022

The Rock Of My Soul In Trying Times

Scripture Ref: Psalm 62

How Do We Endure Times of Crisis

August 2022

Timeless Letter to the Church

Scriptures Book of Jude

Practicing The Presence Of GOD

Scriptures:    Philippians 4: 2-9

The time of your life

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-15

July 2022

Celebration of a different, more lasting freedom