Welcome to Pastor Kip McCormick
New Life Fellowship is pleased to welcome Pastor Kip McCormick, our new Lead Pastor, and his wife Linda.
Pastor Kip has more than 15 years leading in a variety of ministries, from youth pastor of 200 students in a non-denomination setting to associate pastor of a mega-church in Bellingham, WA with 2,000 in attendance. As a retired Army officer (28 years as an intelligence officer, retired in 2009 at the rank of Colonel), he has more than 35 years of experience leading service members and non-service members at multiple levels. Pastor Kip has a passion for shepherding God’s people, preaching, and leading, and feels God is calling him to be a lead pastor in a smaller church.
On April 30, the membership at New Life Fellowship voted unanimously to extend a call to Pastor Kip to be our Lead Pastor. He will start as of Sunday, July 2, 2023.


Come out and help us welcome Pastor Kip and Linda!!!