December 2017

Eternity: What’s going on outside the walls and Gates of Heaven?

Heaven’s Walls and Gates: Why are they there?

November 2017

Thanksgiving Message

What is Heaven Really Like?

Eternity.. Hidden in plain sight

Rightly dividing the Word of Truth without wrongly dividing the Body of Christ

October 2017

The Mystery of the Two Trees

Naked and Unashamed

ABIDING: Evidence of Present-tense Trust in GOD

Abiding In Christ

Trust Part 3: Putting Present Tense Trust in a Present Tense God

September 2017


The Best Seat in the House

August 2017

Life is a Highway (Part IV): Engaging Seekers, Equipping Believers, Enabling Followers

Life is a Highway (Part III): Sinners, Soldiers & Saints

Life is a Highway (Part II): Trailblazers, Truckers & Tourists

Life is a Highway (Part I)

July 2017

The Character & Personality Traits of God… (that nobody wants to talk about)

Trusting God With the “When” of God’s Will

The Key to the Big Black Door