October 2017

ABIDING: Evidence of Present-tense Trust in GOD

Abiding In Christ

Trust Part 3: Putting Present Tense Trust in a Present Tense God

September 2017


The Best Seat in the House

August 2017

Life is a Highway (Part IV): Engaging Seekers, Equipping Believers, Enabling Followers

Life is a Highway (Part III): Sinners, Soldiers & Saints

Life is a Highway (Part II): Trailblazers, Truckers & Tourists

Life is a Highway (Part I)

July 2017

The Character & Personality Traits of God… (that nobody wants to talk about)

Trusting God With the “When” of God’s Will

The Key to the Big Black Door

The Big Black Door – Part 2

The Big Black Door

June 2017

The Unbroken Circle

What Makes Heaven Rejoice?

Expanding the Circle – Part 2

May 2017

Expanding the Circle

Circles & Lines

Where’s My Apron?